Growing from the Ground Up

 Hello friends!

 Happy post-Autumn Equinox. We hope you've all had a beautiful Summer and that the autumn beckons with smells of cinnamon, and morning dew and the sensation of wool on skin.

It's been a while since we have written a blog post here, and to be honest, the early days of opening a new business are rather hectic. There is so much to learn and so much to try to do well. 

 It has been quite the beautiful learning curve, and so much has happened, fires in the Amazon still looming large in our hearts, given that our enterprise is motivated somewhat by a desire to invest money in supporting the Rainforest, and its indigenous peoples (you can see more about that on our home page).

It was strange given our social media presence, but we stayed relatively silent during the weeks of the Amazonian fires, as anything else would have felt weirdly exploitative at the time. But more of this in a future post...

It's hard with a business with a name such as ours, not to somehow use lots and lots of metaphors relating to gardening, and growth and ecological ways of thinking to describe the process of formation and development of the Wild Atlantic Garden Project. We grew, we grow, we will grow.

But we feel that we have grown so much through our interactions with all of you on social media or via email. We are a product of our environment, and a huge part of our environment has been you.

From Ocean to Sea...

 Some of you (especially those of you who follow us on instagram or Facebook), may have noticed that we are more of a Wild Mediterranean Garden these days, than a Wild Atlantic one.

And that's correct! The Mediterranean will be the base of operations for an indefinite period. This is for very unexotic personal reasons. But while unplanned, and logistically challenging, it has opened up new spaces for possibility, and new ways for us to... well... grow (<--see?)

It is in this moment of new growth and transition, that the blog space on our wee website somehow seems an interesting avenue via which to share things with you all. You all have been our constant through this, through conversations, and questions and lovely folks picking up wee things for their garden with us, and many of you sharing your knowledge, and your thoughts, and your passions.

Beginner Mindset...

Why does our site's blog play a role in this? Because all of a sudden, after years of being based on the magnificent and earthy and otherworldly island of Ireland, and growing things easily and happily there after years of learning, we are now almost novice gardeners again because we are in an entirely new ecology.

As such we are having to learn the climate, water PH, soil, evaporation rates, indoor plant outdoor plant varieties, rainfall patterns and seasons all over again. From the very soil upwards.

Essentially, if you are dealing with new soil, new water, new humidity levels, new plant everything...well, you are essentially starting to learn how to garden all over again. Perhaps the biggest learning curves will be the new native species, and learning what plants will be happy outside or inside...their personalities etc.

At the moment, sunset in September falls like a sudden indigo veil over the city, going from daylight to dusk at a speed that is frankly (for we Galwegians) impressive, so we are learning to understand that this means that light patterns and intensities are different here too.

Wild Atlantic Garden Mediterranean

Why does this lead to blogging?

Well, so many of you speak to us (either through Wild Atlantic Garden, or through lovely encounters in the Real World) about how you love plants but you always kill them etc. "I don't have green fingers I have black fingers" is something we hear a lot.


What this reminds us of is that there are some truisms of gardening that we can share, and discuss as we learn this beautiful new landscape of Cataluña. For those of you who say you always kill your plants, perhaps at this moment we can be beginners together. Perhaps for us, at Wild Atlantic Garden by sharing our failures, our research, and our progess as "brand new" Barcelona gardeners, we might even be able to teach all of you lovely bipeds how to learn to garden from scratch too.

Also Barcelona has more community gardens per head of population than any other city in Europe, so there's that. This is something we have yet to explore, but are super-excited to.

So this is a bit of an announcement of an irregular series of blog posts that will be forthcoming, about starting to learn to garden from the soil and air upwards.

We would also like to say a special thank you to those of you who have become customers as we have been in this nomadic and saturated situation. So many of you have had to wait for the shipment of orders, and every single one of you has been so chill and cool and lovely about it. It's actually been unreal. I swear we have the soundest customers anywhere. Yissir deadly. We will show you all our thanks when we get a bit more settled, but we can't wait for our pallettes of inventory to finally arrive here.

The novelty of sending off our packages to you has not gotten old, and is an act of happiness and love each time. So thank you for supporting us in all of the various ways that you do.

Please leave a comment if you have gotten this far, you can tell us that this is a shockingly bad blog post for X and Y reason (please do if you feel that way), or stories about learning to garden in a new climate, or what you would like to see

Anyway, you're all amazing, let us know if there's anything you'd like us to look at specifically in the Beginner-Gardener journey. Otherwise our focus will be mainly on growing leafy air-cleaning plants, and food.

In any case greetings to you all this late-September. Thank you for making all of this journey so much more worth it than we could have ever expected.

Much Love,

The Wild Atlantic Garden Team

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