Indoor Plant AquaMetre

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This Japanese-made aquametre is great for those who are learning the ways of a new plant that has just joined their green family.

Ideal method for getting to know your new plants, or keeping an eye on some that are a little more out of immediate view, this Sustee aquametre for Wild Atlantic Garden is made from ecofriendly plastic and is battery free.

It's great for roots of plants such as the String of Pearls as it doesn't keep disturbing them. When the plant has water, the signalling paper at the top of the aquametre turns blue, and when the plant's soil is dry, the aquametre turns white signalling that it might need a hydro-refreshment. 

Ideal for pots 12cm to 18cm in diameter, this little reusable gadget is ideal for those with a new plant to learn, those who are new to indoor plants and urban gardening, or for those who would like to know a little more about how to help the happiness of their green family.