White Indoor Garden Tarp

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This little beauty is going to make repotting, planting, seeding, and all of the things so much easier. Another exclusive for Wild Atlantic Garden in Ireland, this beautiful gardening tarpaulin is another design from RT1Home in California.

It was designed for easy and elegant indoor repotting & to fit on a kitchen table, counter or tiny floorspace and for ease of use for the urban or apartment gardener. The tarp is fashioned from marine-grade Polyester, and is staunchly water, friction and UV resistant for durability.

The tarp has snap ties at every corner so that the edges fold up to neatly encase soil and any gardening debris for clean & hassle-free disposal. It folds up beautifully to occupy minimal space while not in use, and can be secured with its leather strap for storage. Easy to care for, just gently hand wash to keep the tarp in peak condition. A beautifully designed, minimalist, indoor-gardener's essential!


Size: Unfurled: 92cm L x 67cm L,  Rolled Up 67cm L x 6.5 cm W