Kitchen Vermiculture Composter

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Designed with hygiene in mind, this countertop vermiculture composter is perfect for sustainably dealing with food waste in kitchen spaces.

Around 40% of all food waste goes to landfill and as a result, contributes to a huge volume of methane gas production which is 21 times more damaging to climate change than carbon dioxide.

This sleek domestic composter allows you to create your own compost in a clean way from the food waste you produce in your own kitchen. The unit is also great for families and the vermiculture can easily handle the waste of two or three fresh food eater's waste, or perhaps more depending on the volume of food waste produced per individual.

It's 30 litres in capacity so can sit on a countertop quite easily, and looks sleek in so doing. Measuring at 43cm H X 34cm W the unit weighs in at 5kg, and can be purchased with live tiger worms (if you're ready to get going right away) or with a worm card, which allows you to receive the unit, and then just post the card to receive your worm culture.

The composter is supplied with coir bedding for the worms, 1.5kg lime mixture, the worm culture and instructions. Great for teaching children about sustainable living and waste reduction, as well as principles of natural biology.

Note: Wild Atlantic Garden is currently shipping this unit to Ireland, the UK & Europe only.