Mochizuki Circular Wall Vase

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These beautiful wall planters are perfect for exploring vertical space for your gardening, with a minimalist aesthetic.

Fashioned from steel and glass, the structure of the Mochizukis entails that these planters work beautifully with a variety of planting media. This is not only to ensure that your mini landscaped garden will be well-drained after you decide upon planting, but it also creates beautiful aesthetic, as the glass front of the Mochizuki planters encourage creativity in exploring soil-stone layerings and root structures as you can see from the images.

These planters are available in a choice of four colour finishes, and in small, medium and large sizes. These can be combined to create a feature wall in different colour tones, but single-finish sets can also be purchased together in a combined set of all three sizes.

Elegantly simple in design, and perfect for gardeners at any level, the Mochizukis off the possibilities for beautiful miniature gardens are a lovely addition to any home.