Euclid Cement Wall Vase

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These hanging vases are made from a natural concrete, & offer a nice urban, geometric feature for indoor vertical gardens in tiny spaces. The design is an elegant combination of both an industrial feel and minimalism, which means that these don't overpower their surroundings, but rather are understated and subtly stylish.

These are perfect for many plant varieties, and like many geometric holders can offer a really beautiful visual feature, depending on the foliage of your green pets, and the style and look that you are trying to create. A combination of the vases can be used to create a really interesting feature wall.

These are perfect for air plants, succulents, cactuses or ferns with the correct alignment vis a vis windows. 

Because of the material, these have a much lower carbon footprint than plastic in the production process.

Size per Vase: 35cm x 20cm x 20cm