Hidetoshi Air Plant Vase

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A lot of our geometric shapes are named after famous and under-recognised Asian mathematicians. It's actually fascinating to read about the influence of Arab scholarship and Asian sciences on our modern "Western" understandings. This little airplant hanging vase is named after Fukagawa Hidetoshi and the powerful nature of his work "Sacred Mathematics: Japanese Temple Geometry" (Princeton, 2008)

This beautiful airplant holder was crafted in Japan and is perfect for a wide variety of air plants. Simply mould the bar slightly to allow for insertion, and straighten the malleable surface back. We recommend using this for air plants in areas of good light and is best where the airplants get regular spritzing, rather than a full-immersion bath.

The quality of these pieces is really stunning, and with hanging hoops they measure around 17cm in length and around 7.3 cm in width at their widest point.

Perfect for window displays or the soft inclusion of beautiful greenery in unexpected places.