Mitsuyoshi Small Icosahedron Terrarium

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This custom made terrarium from our Waen collection, is named after Yoshida Mitsuyoshi who was the author of the oldest extant Japanese mathematical text (Jinkōki, 1627). The shape itself, a convex Icosahedron is one of the five classical Platonic solids, and the etymology of the shape's name means "twenty seats."

This beautifully crafted little terrarium is handcrafted from ground glass and soldered copper in a choice of four different finishes.

The Mitsuyoshi is a perfect terrarium for miniature succulents, cacti, mosses or air plants and makes a beautiful centrepiece. The minimalist design and quality of the handcrafted structure is the perfect combination of clean lines and the unique individuality of a custom made craft piece.

Ideal with air plants for the beginner gardener, this terrarium is an elegant way to start the process of bringing a little green into your space in a truly beautiful way that is ideal for even the tiniest of spaces.

Size: 13cm X 15cm X 15cm (5" X 6" X 6")