About Us

Profit Sharing

Wild Atlantic Garden is a labour of love, motivated by a desire to help everyone live in greener and healthier spaces. Our core purpose is to profit share in order to raise money for the Rainforest Alliance. We have chosen this organisation due to its combined focus on ecological preservation and the rights of indigenous peoples, a focus which mirrors our own ethical concerns. It is this combination of core principles that has motivated us to focus our profit sharing initiatives with this group. We do however have other, more local profit-sharing dreams afoot, and as we grow, we would welcome discussions about worthy partners in this.

For this first-launch collection we have had the good fortune of forming partnerships from Moscow, to Finland, through Tokyo, Hong Kong and California, as well as closer to home in Galway and Dublin. Thank you to all of you who made these alliances possible.


We aim make our first collections affordable and accessible to the experienced & novice gardener alike, as well as to people of different means, lifestyles and abilities.

But we would also like to ensure that what we offer is accessible to all in some real way, whether through information or community or idea-sharing, as well as through beautiful products to help people create their own green spaces. We hope that you will remind and educate us about how best to do this and how we can do better and contribute more. This is a new venture, and we have big dreams!

Carbon Offsetting

In the midst of all the shipping of beautiful objects, however, and the testing of various prototypes, we are also now very conscious of the carbon footprint that our efforts to create green spaces is having, and we are calculating this footprint with each object that we move from A to B. Moving live plants and/or glass objects across territories, still requires vast swathes of plastic and packaging, so this is one of our main concerns when we move into the next stage of our journey.

As such the next stage of our growth will involve offsetting our carbon footprint through forming alliances with local groups tasked with reforestation. We will have more information about this on our blog when it launches. Our direct shipping will use only recycled materials, and we will re-use packaging to ship to you all. This might not be the prettiest means, but we hope that you share our desire to reduce unnecessary waste. Share your thoughts with us either way, and feel free to share and use our contact email hello@wildatlanticgarden.com

 If you know of local glass-blowers, biodynamic farmers, carpenters and plant afficionados who might be interested in what we are trying to build. Please send them our way! We want to make things both accessible to our community and sustainable, and we are deeply engaged with trying to do this in the next phase of our development.

Towards Local Producers

We are growing and learning as we build this project and one thing that has been extremely inspiring and increasingly important to us, is supporting local craftspeople and fostering collaborations so that we can try to find ways to produce sustainably produced, locally sourced, and shippable sources of green delight to you all. 

Building and Creating

We have one or two original products that we are protyping and hoping to bring to market, and although we cannot speak about these just yet. We are so excited to eventually share these with you, as we feel that through these, you will really understand what Wild Atlantic Garden is truly all about.

Thank you so much, again, to all of those who have helped to make this project not only possible, but so enjoyable!  From the brainstorming, to the forest walks, to the botany lessons and crazy-fun film sets, it has been a wonderful journey so far.


Thank you so much to the hundreds of you who have already reached out, and the thousands of you that have watched our progress on social media (see links via the icons in the footer of this page if you'd like to connect). You really have inspired us to persist with this, and have made us realise how much you all care about the same things as we do. And to the small business owners and entrepreneurs who have reached out to us along the way, we are very inspired and honoured to have gotten to know you.


 We look forward to getting to know you all, and to sharing this journey with you.


Much Love,



The Wild Atlantic Garden Team