Beatrix Telescope Plant Stand

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These plant pot holders are lovely geometric features that compliment the organic form of plants with great balance. The proportionally tall stand holds the ceramic pot high above table or desk surfaces, making these ideal for the nooks of an office desk or a bookshelf.

The ceramic pots are without drainage holes which means they can be used for hydroponic growing as well as traditional soil-based methods. If planting directly into the pot it's important to consider providing plenty of root aeration and drainage through the use of pebbles or other coarse materials to prevent root rot. Ideally though, these Beatrix Plant stands should be used as plant pot holders, rather than being planted into directly.

The crisp lines of the design create a beautiful minimalist and slightly urban feel, and these plant pot holders are available in a choice of three colours.

Please see the product photos here for more information on exact sizing specifications.