Large Aida Terrarium

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Named after Japanese mathematician Yasuaki Aida from the Edo period, this beautifully balanced dodecahedron terrarium is one of the larger terrariums from our collection. The larger size allows for a lovely flexibility in terms variety of plants and arrangements, so while the imagination has more space for play, this Aida still offers the lovely compact form for a tiny garden in a small space.

As with the other terrariums in our collection, this is a beautifully handcrafted terrarium in the tiffany style, with hand-ground glass, and hand-soldered copper frame in a choice of four different finishes. As with other varieties also, this is ideal with the classic combinations of cactus, succulents, mosses, and decorative white sands. Equipped with an opening to allow for ease of planting, and display arrangement, it's also a beautiful centrepiece for other kinds of interior design features, and the lovely clean lines, and beautiful materiality of hand crafting offers something very special that deserves to enjoy centre stage in your living space, whatever the occasion!

Size: 22cm X 22cm X 25cm