Nomizu Small Geometric Terrarium

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Named after Japanese mathematician Katsumi Nomizu, this beautiful little piece is perfect for succulents, air plants, mosses, cactuses or for creating a miniature terrarium display for a tiny desktop garden. These are also lovely pieces for simply holding jewellery or candles too, but the design is perfect for a tiny geometric garden for any space.

Each piece has been carefully crafted by hand. The glass is ground and soldered together with copper in a choice of four different metallic finishes. The careful hand crafting in a classic geometric dodecahedron shape, means that no two pieces are identical. Each has a charming combination of clear geometric lines and the charming physicality and uniqueness of a handcrafted piece.

The Nomizu is 12cm X 13cm X 13cm (4, 7/10" X 5" X 5") and has a side-opening for ease of planting.