Sprouting Tower

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Grow your own living microgreen sprouts with just seeds and water in these beautiful, durable, easy to clean sprouting towers. This is a wonderful innovation in home sprouting, making the whole process easy, beautiful to watch and mess-free. Simply add seeds to each of the three trays, pour water in to fill the first layer to the brim, and then enjoy watching the clear trickle of water filter from one tray down to the next. These are perfect for sprouting smaller seeds like broccoli or alfalfa due to the clever grooved design which holds onto moisture, but are also ideal for sprouting nuts, lentils and grains. Available to purchase with organic Irish seed (one packet each of organic broccoli, daikon and alfalfa seed), or just the tower itself, each purchase comes with an instructional video showing you how to use and care for your beautiful edible indoor garden.