Yabuki Wooden and Bamboo Cutlery Set

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Beautiful alternatives to plastic cutlery in cafes, canteens or campsites when you're out and about in the world. These are perfect for packing on a camping trip or outdoor holiday or for keeping in a bag or a backpack along with reusable cups, totes, and other everyday sustainable essentials. Made from polished wood and bamboo this little set could help you to greatly reduce your carbon footprint, as well as adding a beautiful option for mindful eating with the inclusion of chopsticks in each set.

In a convenient carry-case these are an everyday item that can help you to avoid the plastic residues on cutlery causing toxicity to you, and making your difference towards reducing the 40 billion plastic cutlery items that are sent to landfill each year. A great balance of lovely design and practicality. The Yabuki set, named after the inventor of the Bamboo orchestra, is available in three colours, Forest Green, Stone, and Sand.